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LAndscape Lighting Southwest Florida

If you are like most of us, chances are that you are forced to retreat indoors as soon as the evening arrives. We understand and that’s why our landscape lighting services provide the best blend of quality and reliability to emphasize the nighttime beauty of your home and business. 

More and more people are discovering the benefits of landscape lighting and you could be next. With a little help from HL Design and Build, we promise to make your outdoors delightful irrespective of the hour of the day.


Why do you need landscape lighting?

While the benefits are immense, we would like to focus on one thing. Safety. Landscape Lighting allows you to explore your property even when the light goes down to ensure peace of mind with effective solutions that illuminate effectively.


Why work with us?

While the reasons are multifold across an array of domains, we like to focus on three.


The first step in solving a problem is realizing there is one which is why our consultants and designers work with you to build awareness of the importance of landscape lighting.



Like most things in life, your landscape lighting also needs to be preserved for it to keep on existing for long. That’s why our installations are easy to implement and maintain ensuring adaptability and functionality in the long run


Future growth

While most companies only take into consideration the present, we also look into the future to assess the growth of plants and how they will affect the lighting we install. Gone are the days of getting landscape lighting done only to take them apart when new trees pop up. With HL Design and Build, you get the most out of your investment without burning a hole in your pocket.


What options do we offer?

When it comes to landscape lighting, we offer a ton of feasible options. While poorly installed lighting options such as the solar-powered ones do more harm than good, we go the extra mile by implementing innovative and cutting-edge solutions that don’t cost a limb to maintain.

From Landscape lighting to low voltage and LED lighting, there is something in store for everyone at HL Design and Build.


What things should you consider?

Great question! In our opinion, the two things matter the most when it comes to landscape lighting.


Light Output

The output has to match the size and scope of the project for it to be sustainable. That means doing an initial consultation to ensure every element of the landscape lighting is in sync with the surroundings. Don’t worry though. Our expert designers can take care of it for you without you lifting a finger.


Operating Cost

Your landscape lighting solution shouldn’t leave you with a hefty bill which is why we create innovative solutions that are easy to manage and operate. The best part? Our solutions don’t cost a ton so you can get the benefits of sustainable landscape lighting without compromising on your budget.


Reach out to us today to know more. We would love to hear from you.





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