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Show features of your home in Port Charlotte or surrounding areas with landscape lighting.

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Does your outdoors feel dark, desolate, and empty as soon as the sun goes down? Are you planning to host a night under the skies but your outdoor lighting just isn’t enough for the task?

For all this and more, there’s an array of Landscape Lighting services to choose from offered by HL Design and Build in and around Port Charlotte.

With professional design, installation, and repair services at your disposal, there’s something in store for everyone. Join us on this journey as we turn an unkempt outdoor into an illuminated masterpiece.


What can we do for you?

When it comes to landscape lighting, we got all corners covered with a ton of integrated services and offerings to get the job done.

Landscape lighting

If you are looking to illuminate the existing hardscapes of your home or your business, then this is right for you. 

Our expert designers, contractors, and sub-contractors work around your schedule to ensure your landscape lighting receives the attention and care it deserves.

Turn your outdoors into a work of art even during the nighttime with a little help from HL Design and Build.


Dock Lighting

Looking to keep your boat areas safe and well-lit? We have just the thing. Our dock lighting installations keep prying eyes out of your priced establishment without exceeding your budget.


Security Lighting

A well-lit home keeps the burglars out and the same is true for your living space.

A property with the proper lighting looks well-maintained and can even influence how your home is valued. That’s why our security lighting services are ideal for properties large and small.

Why work with us?

While we can offer a plethora of reasons for you to choose us, we like to focus on three – Quality, Affordability, and Customization.



We combine the best in human capital and technology giving you a landscape that looks great and is easy to maintain.



While our projects are affordable and don’t cost you a limb to execute, we don’t compromise on the quality. To keep prices low, we rely on years of expertise to reduce the number of iterations getting it right in the first go.



At HL Design and Build, every project is executed keeping the user in mind which is why our designs are tailored around your preferences ensuring that yours is truly unique. 


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